Classroom Work & Grading System


Classroom work is conducted by the instructors of the classes. Work assignments and teaching methods are varied according to subjects and students needs. The inductive method of study is preferred. Examinations are given as determined by the instructor. Themes and research work are required in many subjects. Outside reading and other homework may be assigned. Some classes require a permanent notebook to be prepared by the student.

All class work is due at the date indicated by the instructor and no assignment will be accepted which is more than two (2) weeks overdue unless special arrangements are made with the instructor. Past due assignments will be graded down four points if less than one week overdue, eight points if more than one week, and to zero if more than two weeks overdue.


Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary grades students:

100 to 95   “A”
94 to 86  “B”
85 to 76  “C”
75 to 70  “D”
69 & below  “F”